What is OneID?

Dear user,

With OneID you can now use your mobile device for authentication for Frigodata Online, Infocenter and other applications, making access to our web solutions faster, easier and more secure.

Thanks to unique authentication using your smartphone or tablet, inputting a password becomes unnecessary, and a central login name for all Wurm applications makes accessing your most important data much easier.

In order to use this technology, you link your mobile device once with a OneID account, after which you can log into the required application quickly and conveniently with just a simple click.

In order to use this login method, we need a unique e-mail address which is linked to you as well as your current Frigodata online access account.

In the next stage, we would be happy to provide some assistance in the installation and setup of the iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems.

Installation and setup

To use OneID you will need a unique e-mail address which is linked to you, and a mobile device with an iOS or Android operating system.

Authentication is performed using an application which must be installed and set up on your mobile device. For this reason, you will first find here the links to the relevant app store from which you can download and then install the OneID application.

Once the installation has completed successfully, you can connect the device you are using with your OneID login details via the key symbol and log into all of the applications activated for you.

If you have chosen to use the OneID login method, your stored e-mail address immediately becomes the central login name.You can now continue to log in using your name and password.

If you do not yet have a OneID access account, you can request one on the next page.

Request login details

We need the following information for registration:

I would like to use the following existing access accounts via OneID:

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